Create strong bonds between employees by introducing playful and purpose driven activities.

Team Building Experiences With Social Impact


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Have fun and make an impact with live virtual experiences created by world class team building experts.


Show your employees you care by offering them donations to causes during key moments.


Getting started is simple and easy. Our products work over Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms.


Why Phin

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Today’s employees are more demanding than ever. Employees want remote flexibility and for their work to have meaning. How can company leaders effectively maintain a great culture while growing their businesses?

Phin was designed to help remote and hybrid teams have more fun and be more purpose-driven. Managers, executives, and leaders all use Phin to build strong bonds between their team members and combat isolation, fatigue, and communication issues. 

Great teams and culture are built through coordinated activities designed to bring employees together. Our platform was created to increase social cohesion, collaboration, communication, and productivity within teams.

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“Through Phin we’ve participated in Giving Tuesday and now we’re doing it on a monthly was a way to support our publishing, our marketing, our employee’s interests, and our corporate interests as well.”


Michael Jacobs
Abrams President & CEO

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